Your Personal Insurance Guide

All along the removal process, International Moving Services will treat your personal belongings with the utmost care to prevent any damage from happening. In spite of all our efforts, it is possible that by human error or unpredictable weather conditions a traffic accident happens or a storm hits the ship carrying your household goods. Having insurance coverage in place will allow you to focus on the actual removal.
International Moving Services offers you the possibility to obtain coverage through the floating policy, which we have subscribed with our insurer, the utmost specialist in the removal business.

This policy is of an “all risk” type and has a large coverage.
The coverage is determined by the general insurance conditions.“General Insurance Conditions
for the insurance of household goods of Removal Companies” Every kind of damage, including fire, break and theft/burglary of the insured items is covered. The only exclusions are the damages, as described in art. 3 of the General Insurance Conditions for household goods, as well as the items summarized in art. 4.
An additional advantage in case of an overseas (deep sea) removal with possible general average, the insurer will be responsible for the administrative settlement and all expenses/charges.
A general average is a practice in the maritime law which occurs when expenses need to be made in the
general interest of the ship and the owners of the transported goods. In that case the owners of the goods
will be requested to pay their contribution of the expenses made, e.g.: salvage expenses, towing charges.

The coverage starts from the moment International Moving Services starts packing until the delivery of the goods to you or another person appointed by you. Any damages within this time frame are covered.
The insurance policy presumes that the removal takes place in one time, and that there will be no extra storage besides the regular storage in transit i.e. the period of time necessary to take the next step in the logistical process of transport (wait for the next vessel departure, customs formalities…).
Should we need to take your goods in storage for a while, please inform the Sales Executive of International Moving Services, to make sure an insurance coverage can be subscribed for this particular period. The applicable premium will be offered in our quotation.

1. By simple request to the Sales Executive of International Moving Services you will receive information about the premium to be paid if you wish to subscribe to this insurance policy. This premium will appear in our price quotation.
2. For each item to be insured you are requested to fill out the quantity, the value and the currency. The value to be insured is the actual value at the time the move will take place. The total value on the Inventory for Insurance Purposes will serve as a basis to calculate the total premium. If your move consists of more than 1 shipment, we will need an Inventory for Insurance purposes for each shipment.
3. A Certificate of Insurance will be received.

In case of damage upon delivery, you will have to indicate the visible damage to your items on the delivery document provided by the remover. Within 48 hours you should notify us, International Moving Services, in writing of the (additional) damages that were unknown at the moment of delivery and occurred during your move.
Please forward your claim to your IMS-Manager in charge. We will in our turn, forward your claim to the insurer, after receipt of the necessary documents that indicate your damage. From there you will receive further instructions and information of the status and settlement of your claim. The Insurer may decide to appoint a surveyor in order to assess the damages. Please make sure to keep the damaged items at the insurer’s disposal until permission is given to dispose of the damaged goods or wait until final settlement of the claim. A good understanding with the insurer will accelerate the settlement of the

Even though it is IMS’ aim to guarantee a smooth removal without any damage, we recommend that you insure your belongings against all risks.

Our policy requires that all items of the move are insured.

Damages to goods which do not appear on the Inventory for Insurance Purposes will not be covered.

The ‘real value’ is the value of the goods at the time the move takes place. This is the value of a similar good with the same characteristics (age, wear,…).

The declared value of the goods will be the maximum compensation the Insurer will pay in case of damage.
A low value will result in underinsurance, and our Insurer will apply aproportional compensation.

The Inventory for Insurance Purposes needs to be dated and signed.

The Inventory for Insurance Purposes needs to be returned to International Moving Services at the latest 2 days before the move starts.