Packing Guide

When you pack your items, consider the floor plan of your new home, so that you organize your items based on the rooms that they will be placed in upon delivery. This will make the unpacking process more efficient.

During your move, It is important to use the correct packing materials needed to protect your possessions. This will alleviate any damage during transit. IMS recommends using various size cartons for specific items.

Book cartons (1.5 cu. Ft.) are small, easy to handle cartons designed for heavy items like books, CDs, and DVDs. Be sure not to overload the carton, as it may become too heavy for handling. Be sure to individually wrap any very old or valuable books.
Medium cartons (3 cu. ft.) have a wide range of uses for smaller items throughout your home. This size box is ideal for small appliances, tools, non-perishable food or clothing. Packing similar items together will make unpacking easier.
Large cartons (4.5 cu. ft. to 6.5 cu. ft.) are very useful for packing light weight, bulky items such as pillows, linens and large toys.
Dishpacks are especially sturdy cartons for fragile items such as china, glassware, figurines and sculptures. Each carton should be labeled, Fragile-This End Up to avoid damage.
Wardrobe Boxes are portable closets used to move your clothing from your closet. Clothing remains on hangers so that they stay wrinkle-free and clean.
Packing Paper should be unprinted and used for wrapping and padding.

Please be aware that your electronic equipment may require special preparation. Be sure to detach all cords and wires and keep them in a labeled bag so that you know where they belong. When moving computers, scanners or printers, be sure to detach cords and wires, paper trays, etc, and label all cables and wires for easy re-assembly. Be sure to use well padded, sturdy cartons to cushion the equipment. Mark these items, fragile. Large screen televisions will require extra padding and protection. If possible, pack it in its original carton. If these cartons are not available, consider crating the item prior to moving day.

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